Luxury handcrafted acrylic furniture.


We are delighted to launch our latest range of table lamps: Pennula, our signature winged lamp (pictured below); Cereus, a sleek, tapered lamp; and Columna, our bold, sharp stem on a tiered Ordo base, all available in three colour palettes: monochrome, reds and blues.

New Ordo Base

Coming soon: our Columna table lamp will be handcrafted with a new two-tiered Ordo base (pictured below).

Umbra I lampshades

We recommend using our Umbra I lampshades, available in 11 standard colours that complement our current base collection.

Columna Lamp (Limited Edition)

A LIMITED EDITION of the Columna table lamps have been produced with the Arcus base. A limited number hasĀ been produced in each of the colours in our current colour range.